What's Next - Traveller's Tales

It's always difficult to describe a bands music unless the are in a clearly defined genre. We certainly cannot say this about What's Next. To make it a little easier for the audience we just call our music "Psychedelic Folk Rock". We think that comes closest to what it really is.
Or as a German Radio DJ called it: "kraftvolle Melancholie" which can be translated as vibrant melancholy.

There are lots of acoustic guitars, albeit electric guitars as well (probably the rock aspect), four singers, two female and two male, that perform nice polyphonic vocal arrangements. 

The songs often deal with film topics just as Italo western, science fiction, sailors and pirates, classical western and more. To support this, most of the music has a cinematic flavor and creates pictures in the listener's head.


„Fill your heart“ by What`s Next performed live at the Speak Eazy Berlin a romantic ballad written by my bandmate Frank Ventura.

If you missed us: What’s Next will perform live again 8th of September at the …….Jedermann Theater!

Grab your ticket at : Jedermann Theater 

Southern Lullaby is  the first Track of What´s Next new album Traveller´s Tales performed live recently at the Speak Eazy Stage &Studio in Berlin.